Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming TTC Fare Hike

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Torontonians, just as a reminder, the cost of taking the TTC is going up again next month.

As of March 1, most TTC fares will be increasing by $0.10. However, the adult cash fare will remain the same at $3.25. This also includes PRESTO pay-as-you-go payment and the cost of monthly passes will also be increased across all fare types.

Th0se who wish to cancel their monthly passes must do so by February 22.

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The approved increase will be the ninth price hike since 2009, when a cash fare was $2.75 and monthly Metro pass was $109 (children under 12 had to pay then, $0.70 cash, $0.50 with ticket). The new prices mean customers using their PRESTO card will pay $3.20, while cash fares will stay at $3.25, and the cost of a monthly PRESTO pass will rise by $4.85 for an adult, making it $156.

The monthly metro pass for post-secondary students would increase by $5.70 per month to $117.45. Children 12 years and under still ride for free.

TTC Fare Increase

According to staff estimates, the fare hikes across the board would create an extra $31.4 million in passenger revenues. This fare hike comes amidst news the TTC continues to deal with lost revenues from mass fare evasion, which cost the agency over $70 million in 2019 alone.

In addition to the fare hike, the TTC has recently launched an anti-fare evasion public education campaign and said it plans to hire even more fare inspectors.

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