This Video Captures The Past, Present And Future Of Toronto’s Skyline

Toronto skyline
Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash

Toronto’s skyline has changed a lot over the years. But you actually don’t have to go that far back in time to be able to spot a huge difference.

Just last year an unprecedented 10 new residential skyscrapers were erected in the city and a whopping 31 high-rise buildings are expected to go up by 2024. An additional 50 buildings are also in the planning stages.

Housing affordability continues to drive the popularity of condos in Toronto. According to Statistics Canada, almost 30 per cent of Torontonians live in high-rise apartments.

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With more people wanting to live downtown than there is land to develop on, it seems city planners have decided the only way to combat urban densification is by looking to the sky.

With 60 buildings exceeding 150 metres (492 ft.) and a total of 524 towers and high-rise buildings, Toronto ranks 17th for having the most skyscrapers in the world. Only New York City, Hong Kong and Chicago have a higher density of tall buildings.

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In the video below, Point2 Homes looks at the evolution of the Toronto skyline starting in 2005 to 2019 and beyond.

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