Rent: This Kawartha Vacation Home Gives Off Haunting Farmhouse Vibes


Half-way through August means we’re almost in September, so October is basically next month. And if you’re hankering for a spooky-season getaway, this Kawartha vacation home fits the bill.

Make no mistake — The Dunsford House is beautiful. For $1,300 per night, you and 11 of your closest comrades can bask in the gloriousness of an estate that’s reminiscent of a farmhouse, plus plenty of grandeur. But we’d be remiss not to point out that amid the century-old, dovetailed timbers, and vaulted ceilings of the nearly-200-year-old house, an air of spookiness lingers.

Wall sconces, high ceilings, dark leather furniture, and vintage-style drapes are just a few of the details that give the vacation home a haunting feel. Featuring six individual guest rooms, The Dunsford House is equipped with four-poster, king-sized beds — something you’d see in an old horror film, perhaps — plus oversized bathrooms that each include a whirlpool bath.

(No, the baths aren’t spooky, but they sure sound like a thrill.)

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The dining room is poised to host a crowd, while the kitchen moreso resembles what you’d find in a restaurant or catering institution, rather than a home. Both mean that serving a handful of friends — the ones with whom you’ve chosen to share your bubble — won’t be any trouble. Several work surfaces in the kitchen inspire images of the kids crafting witch’s fingers out of cookies, and green Rice Krispie treats reminiscent of Frankenstein’s Monster.

With a rooftop patio and a sprawling backyard that offers gorgeous views of Sturgeon Lake, you’ll be sure to savour your outdoor time, even as the nights grow chillier. Plaid button-ups and fleece pullovers will be aplenty as your crew gathers ’round to watch the autumn sun go down. When it’s time to head back inside, wifi and both satellite TV and cable mean that a scary movie night won’t just be possible, but required.

The house itself is located within Eganridge Resort, which means amenities including two restaurants, a spa, and a nine-hole golf course are available on-site. Any and all of these activity options will surely help de-spook your mind if you find yourself feeling a little too haunted.

While the Ghost of Summer Vacations Passed — or the ones that didn’t come to pass as you may have hoped, this season — may be sitting on your back, there’s plenty of potential for a fall getaway; with several dates of availability open throughout October and into November, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting place to spend spooky season than at The Dunsford House.






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