$20 In New York City Vs. $20 In Toronto: Here’s What You Can Get [WATCH]

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$20 In New York City Vs. $20 In Toronto: Here's What You Can Get [WATCH]
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Where can you get more bang for your buck? In New York City or Toronto?

Well, we finally have the answer to that question …

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Damon and Jo had $20 USD to spend for the day in New York, and The Sorry Girls had $20 CAD to spend for the day in Toronto.

You’ll find out from them what you can eat, what you can do, and the not-so-obvious things you can try …

Of course, the list includes how to get tipsy for $3 in NYC and a lot of free things in each of the cities too.

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So, here’s what $20 can get you in New York and Toronto.

And, perhaps more importantly, here’s what you *can’t* get for $20 in the Big Apple and the Big Smoke.


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