Millennials Are Converting Vans Into Permanent Living Spaces To Support Themselves

Millennials Are Converting Vans Into Permanent Living Spaces To Support Themselves

Ten years ago, if you had told someone you were going to live in a van they’d probably hand you cheeky reply.

Today, they’d ask for your Instagram handle.

Whether to follow in the footsteps of the tiny house trend, or to avoid the astronomical rents of Toronto, Millennials have started to convert vans into permanent living spaces.

And it’s making them money.

Take Eamon Fitzgerald and Rebecca Moroney as an example.

These Millennial entrepreneurs have been living out of the van they call “Trinity the Sprinter” to help expand and grow their tea business Chaiwala.

After quitting their Toronto corporate jobs, the couple travelled to India and Nepal, where their love for chai grew. When they returned home, Fitzgerald began working as a barista and experimenting with tea blends.

Chaiwala is now a national company, primarily selling to cafés in Toronto, in large part thanks to their van-life commitment.

It's time to let you all in on our little secret. We're going national! . We created #ChaiwalaChai to share not only a healthier (more delicious?) chai with all of you but to also encourage a healthier lifestyle. And it's time that we practice what we preach by combining our passion of travel & adventure with great tea & entrepreneurship. . Life is truly like a cup of tea. Only in the present can you savour the aroma, taste the sweetness, appreciate the delicacy. If you're worrying about the future or too focused on your past you will completely miss the experience. You'll look down and the tea will be gone. ? . In our effort to stop the glorification of being busy, we're slowing things down and living simply. So simply that everything we need will be with us in our new van/mobile office/home ( say ? to #TrinityTheSprinter). . The plan? We're going to travel across our beautiful country ? and meet with like-minded cafe owners who want to partner up! We'd love to collaborate with your favourite cafes so please comment below with your suggestions ? . For more behind the scenes about #vanlife check out our insta stories ??

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The two drive the van from location to location to promote their brand and tie it into the tea’s promise: sustainable practices through the entire process.

Tiny living means sustainable living, which means sustainable tea.

Most days we wake up just to lie in bed ?

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Even without their steady small business efforts, the inspiring couple has carved a niche name for themselves as travel bloggers in their own right.

I've got this thing about dirty feet on the bed… . . PC: @mnmlmillennials

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The two currently live out of their van and use it as a means to travel North America. But this is not the image of “living in a van” you have in mind.

Other than perhaps my very serious bathroom concerns, these two almost have me sold on moving into my own VW bug.

Jumped through hoops to get here, but we're ballin now ?

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Maybe not yet though.

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