If You Say ‘No’ To Another Home-Buyer Tax, Then You Need To Read This

If You Say 'No' To Another Home Owner Tax, Then You Need To Read This

If your voice says no to another home-buyer tax, the Ontario Real Estate Association wants you to use it to tell your local provincial candidates.

The Ontario Election is June 7 and housing affordability is a critical issue. (See the political leaders’ housing affordability plans here.)

Last week, York Region councillors demanded that the province give them municipal land transfer tax (MLTT) powers. As such, a second land transfer tax in York Region would add over $15,000 to an average-priced home.

OREA warns if the MLTT spreads to York Region, you can be certain that it’s coming to a community near you next.

OREA says, “Keeping the dream of home-ownership alive in our province starts with beating back the MLTT. Be part of the movement to protect the and take action today.”

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