Top 9 Dog-Friendly Patios, Pubs And Restaurants In Toronto

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Dog-friendly Toronto patios and restaurants? Oh, we have many. That pawesome list is below, but first …

This is a true story about dogs and patios that may be upsetting to the dog-lovers — but everything will work out fine in the end.

Two years ago I went on a third date in Liberty Village with my now partner. The plan was lunch at Rose and Sons on Queen West, then Trinity Bellwoods with my very adorable dog Cece.

Cece would wait on a patch of grass. I’d watch her from the window. She’d munch on a bone. We’d munch on huevos rancheros. But, not that day.

Rose and Sons, at no fault of its own, does not have a window/patch of grass sightline. I would have to check on her continuously.

We grabbed a booth. I popped out to periodically. But, on my last check, she was gone. Leash and all. Vanished.

A passerby thought she had been abandoned, and took her to a shelter down the road. The shelter found my number on her tag … and we had her back within a few minutes. Of course, my heart banged on long after that.

From then on we brunched at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, because they have a fantastic patio to tie dogs up alongside and Cece could sit right beside us. Just look how cute she looks outside their patio:

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Hoping for Bacon.

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In order to prevent you from having the heart attack I did, I have compiled a list of restaurants around Toronto with dog-friendly patios. These aren’t just dog-friendly patios though, they’re people-friendly, with great drinks and menus.

Please note that City of Toronto health by-laws prohibit dogs on restaurant patios. These restaurants, however, offer dog-owners a chance to drink and dine with their pup close by.

1. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen And Bar

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

A great patio alongside the restaurant that has bushes and grass on the other side. Cece can sit right next to us on the other side of the fence while we eat. It’s a little shady, a little sunny, and the staff love to pamper her with water (and, once, bacon).

What Makes It Human-Friendly

The rosemary bacon, but mostly the blueberry pancakes. Serious these blueberry pancakes could end the trade war with the U.S. Get there early for brunch though because the place is packed around 10 a.m. when the brunch crowd rushes in.

2. Blood Brothers

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

They have a great chill dog-loving vibe. They even sell branded leashes that have a bottle opener attached. Guests are welcome to bring their furry pals to this patio, but the pups must be tied up on the other side of the patio fence.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

The craft beer. Brewed onsite the beer is amazingly fresh with creative flavours year round. The offerings on tap change, but the Skoll Milk Stout is a surprisingly lighter stout with a sweet finish. They also have a few munchies in the fridge, with some local snack offerings like pepperoni sticks and Mexican smoked mozzarella dip.

3. Dundas And Carlaw

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

I haven’t tested this theory personally, but ~apparently~ dogs are allowed on this patio over on the East side (so says my friend Meghan and she’s never wrong). The sunny patio is secluded and large so even if Meghan’s wrong you can still set your dog up on the patio here comfortably enough.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

Sleazers. Part drink, part meal. These towering specialty cocktails of Clamato and double vodka come out with a massive skewer of a pickle, pepperette, and more to dunk into your favourite Canadian hangover drink.

4. Sassafraz

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

Bring your pup to this swanky patio in Yorkville. They’ll have to sit outside the fence while you sip a few cocktails, but at least you’ll rest easy knowing they’re close by.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

Sassafraz’s French-inspired menu will keep you coming back for more. Definitely give the jalapeño margarita a try with the fish tacos for a five-star al fresco lunch.

5. Henderson Brewing Co.

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

I mean. Did you see that Instagram picture? Not only is this brewery dog-friendly, but it also routinely has “Dog Nights.” Dog owners and dogs alike can relax in this hip and fun brewery in the Junction Triangle.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

The beer here is always fresh. Brewers work behind the scenes and have been brewing beer for over 15 years. They’ve even worked at names like Molson. Give the Union Pearson Ale a go, an IPA named after the airport express line, or the Food Truck Beer, a light beer that complements the food trucks that occasionally open a pop-up store at the brewery.

6. The Goodman Pub & Kitchen

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

The quiet patio is out of the flow of foot traffic and perfect to the end of a long dog walk along the Waterfront. Your buddy can sit on the other side of the fence next to your table and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Ontario.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

Right down the road from the much busier Amsterdam Brewhouse, this more demure pub is quieter and a little more relaxed than its neighbour. Sit and watch the shore of Lake Ontario with a fresh beer and some of the loaded nachos for a perfect evening.

7. Against The Grain

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

Set in the middle of Sugar Beach, this patio is begging for a day of dog fun in the sun, followed by a nap next to this cool and cozy patio. Dogs aren’t allowed on the actual patio due to health and safety concerns, but your furry friends can be tied along the patio gate. That means they’ll remain in sight while you curl up on one of the outdoor sofas.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

The views are great, the seating is comfy, and they over 16 taps of craft and seasonal beer. While the dinner is excellent, I’d recommend the brunch to really appreciate the sun and view. Definitely give the Chilaquiles a go.

8. Te Aro

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

The patio outside this craft coffee shop is informal, and is provided by the indoor restaurant. This means the Toronto by-laws are bendy enough to have your pup sit next to you for your cappuccino. Set in the middle of Queen Street East, it makes it a perfect pup patio.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

The coffee comes from Toronto roasters Pilot Coffee, whose craft coffee is always found from socially conscious farmers and hand-roasted to perfection. If you’re a certified coffee snob, you won’t find much better in the city.

9. Nom Nom Nom Poutine and Crepes

What Makes It Dog-Friendly

Technically this is a market stall, not a restaurant, so dogs can join you out next to this delicious poutine food stall by Dundas and Bathurst.

What Makes It Human-Friendly

Sometimes all you want is comfort food, quick and cheap. This your place. Huge helpings of delicious poutine are served up food-truck style. Try some of their more classic French-inspired combos like the duck confit poutine.

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