Buying a home in Toronto? You can buy nearly 5 in Fredericton

Affordable housing
Affordable housing is an issue that affects everyone in Toronto and the GTA.
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Zoocasa has crunched the Canadian Real Estate Association’s latest numbers and determined that buyers could purchase multiple homes elsewhere across Canada for the price of one in the GTA. The infographic below may inspire Torontonians to head east.

For the price of one home in Toronto, you could purchase nearly two homes in Ottawa. Floored? Move to Fredericton, N.B., where you could buy nearly five homes.

A new infographic released Friday by Zoocasa details how many homes a buyer could purchase across Canada for the price of one in the GTA. Calculated from the latest Canadian Real Estate Association numbers showing the average home prices for last month, Zoocasa found that despite the slowing conditions seen in the Ontario and Greater Golden Horseshoe markets, affordability there is still much steeper than other markets across Canada.

Check out the breakdown by province below:

Homes across Canada versus in Toronto

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