Toronto Adds Concrete Barriers Around Some Pedestrian Zones Throughout City

Toronto takes your safety very seriously.

Police and transportation authorities are resorting to increased extra precautions to ensure public safety. This following the tragic van attack that killed 10 people and injured 15 more at Yonge St. and Finch Ave., Monday afternoon.

As of Tuesday morning, concrete barriers were placed around Union Station, along with added Toronto police presence and GO Transit Safety officers.

Anne Marie Aikins, the spokesperson for Metrolinx, made the announcement on Twitter earlier.

Concrete barriers were also erected outside the Rogers Centre today.

While this is in the wake of Monday’s deadly attack, it’s also a response to growing risks and threats.

Less than a month ago, Phil Gurski, security consultant and former strategic analyst at CSIS, told the CBC the added police presence and road closures around sporting events are partly a response to a more dangerous world.

“We’re now in a society where people in cars can run through crowds and take out people,” he told CBC Toronto. “It’s happened all over the world, including here in Canada, so it can’t be ignored.”

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